The Sound of a Piece of Writing

Writing is an act of expressing something using our hands not involving speaking verbally. We always write. To make lists, reports, lessons, diaries, letters, and notes. Some are good in writing in a way that they can have an eloquent explanation on things. But there is no hindrance in writing because even blind people can learn how to write in a different way. Some are gifted in writing but it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t write. Writing is our voice if we can’t speak it all out. Deaf people use sign language as their voice. People with disabilities use their other body parts to express themselves. What can it be more grateful to those who have a complete arms and legs? May it be good writer or not, writing is for everyone to exercise freedom of expressing their own emotions. We all have our own voices to show up not only those who are speakers. Even a good speaker relies on what he had written.

Writing is an important thing to do not just for yourself but also you can use that piece of writing to inspire others. Jose Rizal is a good example. He is a great known writer. An author of Noli Me Tangere. A writer of El Filibusterismo. Two novels that set the Filipinos free from the Spaniards. Two novels that inspire others. Two novels that change Filipinos’ lives. That’s how powerful writing is. It’s just a novel but it changed people, it changed him. And now, He is known as our National Hero. Even I, I am not a writer but writing helps me to discover myself and to enhance my thinking ability. I mostly use writing just for myself.

According to Maya Angelou (1970), “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

There were times that I feel like I’m lost in the middle of the woods searching for the way out and I found myself in the state of loneliness. The only way out of that state of emotion is to write. I used to write lessons as if I’m teaching myself. It’s like giving an advice to a lonely friend, assumingly, and it works. It makes me feel better. I let all my emotions flow into that written advice until I’m eased.

One time, I accidentally wrote something at the back of my notebook and it happened that my bestfriend borrowed it. Days after, she asked me “Are you okay”? I answered “Yes”. I wondered why she asked me that. Then she told me that she read what was written at the back of my notebook. I was a bit embarrassed because I never share my problem with her or anyone.

That time, she said that she’s also experiencing the same problem as I have. She told me everything and started to cry. So we shared our problems together and our emotions as well. With this experience, I realized that even in just a simple note can touch readers’ minds and hearts.

I also have a writings in my room. One is a note that says “Hello Doctor“! Another one is in a sentence saying, “If you want to achieve your dreams, Work Hard, Study Hard, Pray Hard“! Everytime I stare at it, there’s something inside of me that energizes me and it changes the way I feel from almost giving up to I can do it.

Writing helped me to catch people’s attention in a sense that it is my only outlet of releasing my deepest emotions since I am not a verbal-oriented person.

In conclusion, writing is simply a word but it has a great impact to the reader. It shifts the emotions right away. You may not be a gifted writer but this is your voice. Just write because it changes other people’s lives. It changes you. It changes everything.